CREO Arkitekter is an architecture firm, founded in 2003. Our company is based in Odense with a history dating back to its establishment in 1945.



“CREO Arkitekter offers value creating and diverse advice based on trustworthiness and loyalty”

As our client and collaboration partner, you will experience this in your everyday work as follows:

Value creating – Our solutions create value for your clients, collaboration partners and for us.

Diverse – We deliver solutions to many areas of society.

Trustworthiness – Our conduct and the solutions we deliver can be trusted and live up to the requested standards. But we also go above and beyond requests.

Loyalty – We are loyal to CREO, our collaboration partners and clients. We tell it like it is with a focus on the tasks at hand.



“We shall be an architecture firm with a sustainable project culture – where we deliver profitable, client-centred and robust advice”

Sustainable project culture – Our project culture shall be based on project manager competencies and on a process-oriented working method that supports collaboration in teams. Our projects shall be challenged with a design process that supports reusable and viable solutions.

Profitability – We shall deliver project solutions that offer value for us as a business in the form of economic profits. Value creation shall entail that our clients and collaboration partners experience added value and cooperation in the projects we generate though our collaboration.

Client-centred – We will create a culture that sees the client with a focus across our market areas and disciplines. Our client relations shall be so respectful and strong that we ensure returning clients. We shall generate a positive client experience from the idea stage to delivered project.

Robust advice – Our advice shall be suitable and usable based on interdisciplinary knowledge. When we collaborate, we plan a project with a focus on finances, time, quality requirements and risks. We examine our projects and are happy to present them.